Technical Notes

Git Repository

This gitbook is available as a git repository at

Generating the Text

If you’d like to create a similar project and have some knowledge of programming and the Linux command-line, you may be interested in the following.

You can generate the source text of this book in its unannotated form (i.e. as a series of text files) using the command included in this repository. Here is a basic outline of the steps necessary to generate the text files:

  • Install Ruby

  • Install [bomdb](, a command-line tool for querying, diffing, and generating portions of text from the Book of Mormon

  • Run the command in this repository

Gitbook Plugins

This gitbook uses the following plugins:

  • expandable-chapters

  • bibtex-cite

  • marginal

We’re considering using these plugins as well:

  • image-captions

  • infinitescroll

  • toc

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